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Favorite Wreaths

1.I must preface this by saying that I truly enjoy working on all my wreaths! If I had to select one favorite, it would be the Custom Lymphoma Awareness Horseshow Wreath I did for the 2016 Calvert Hospice Festival of Wreaths. I put a bit of symballism into that wreath in honor of my late Dad, who lost his battle with Lymphoma. The shape of the wreath represented the luck required to detect, treat, battle and overcome any cancer. The green color is specific to Lymphoma awareness. The gift box on the one adornments represents the mantra that everyday is a gift.
Bowensville Farm Horse Shoe Wreath

Bowensville Farm Horse Shoe Wreath

2.My next favorite wreath is the Maryland themed crab wreath! They so much fun to make and pay homage the great state of Maryland!

A few words about us…..

Bowens Maryland MD

Bowens Maryland

Bowensville Farm and Nursery has a very interesting story….

The town of Bowensville is not exactly found on a map. In fact, it represents the village of Bowens, Maryland. In 1882, a parcel of land belonging to James and Mary Hutchins was sold to Silas Bowen who built the original store, Bowen’s Store & Post Office. Silas Bowen later sold the parcel and land back to James & Mary Hutchins and on March 4, 1887, postal service to Bowens, MD began with James Hutchins listed as the first postmaster. During this time period, there was at least one school, a physician’s office and a mill. The post office expanded to include a general store and was quintessential to life in Bowens. Many gathered to socialize, buy dry goods, send and receive mail and hear politicians give their stump speeches. On April 30, 1957, postal service was discontinued, however the store remained open for some time afterwards. Today, the original post office building still stands and is registered with the Maryland Historical Society (CT-105). For decades, locals have referred to Bowens as Bowensville, or merely “The Village”. The farm the greenhouse operates from resides near the center of “The Village”.

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