Suzi Gibson

Owner & Grower

Suzi grew up in Calvert County Maryland (right off 5th Street outside of the Beach to be exact) working on local horse farms. She spent much of her free time fishing with her late Dad and gardening. As a teenager, she worked for the late John Waldrup at Windmere Nursery in Lothian Maryland as an assistant retail manager. Later, while attending community college, she worked at Battle Creek Nursery. As a young adult, she moved to Raleigh North Carolina with her husband, Jamie, to study Fisheries Science. After their relocation to the Florida Panhandle, she completed her Master of Science degree in Biology with an emphasis in Fisheries Science.

In 2012, Suzi and her family were able to return back to their roots in Maryland. Shortly thereafter, an opportunity of a lifetime presented itself to start a specialty nursery growing heirloom vegetables and herbs. She jumped on the chance to fulfill a lifelong dream of running her own nursery and has been steadily increasing business through local Farmer’s Markets, wholesale sales, and specialty events. These days, Suzi primarily focuses on her specialty horse head and crab custom wreaths.

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